Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Confirmed as One of the Most Requested Headliners for Rock in Rio’s 40th Anniversary Festival in 2024!

O festival também confirma o cantor e compositor Lulu Santos, que se junta aos já anunciados Ed Sheeran, headliner, e NE-YO, Joss Stone e Ludmilla

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Get ready to rock! The 40th anniversary edition of the world’s biggest music ‌and entertainment festival, Rock‌ in Rio,⁢ is gearing up to be the best one yet. The organizers are pulling out all the​ stops‌ to ensure a‌ line-up that will keep everyone on their feet.⁢ Today, ​they’ve announced their second headliner, the American rock sensation, Imagine Dragons, and confirmed the participation of⁣ Brazilian music icon, Lulu Santos.

Imagine Dragons, one of the most listened to rock bands globally, are known for their chart-topping hits‌ like “Radioactive”,⁣ “Thunder”, “Believer” and “Whatever it takes”. They’re preparing a⁤ performance that will take ​fans on a journey through their discography, from their earliest albums to their latest studio work.

Joining them is singer-songwriter Lulu Santos, one of ⁢Brazil’s most successful artists. With over 30 albums to his name, Santos is known for timeless classics like “Assim caminha a humanidade”, ⁢“Um certo alguém”, “Como ‌uma onda” and “Toda forma de amor”.

These artists will be joining the likes of Ed Sheeran, NE-YO, Joss ​Stone, and Brazilian singer Ludmilla. The festival also announced the sale ‌date for the Rock in Rio Card, a ticket that guarantees entry to ⁢Rock in Rio 2024 without a pre-defined​ date. ‍The sale‍ will take place​ on December 7th at 7 pm, exclusively on the Ticketmaster Brazil platform.

Rock in Rio is scheduled for‍ September 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, and 22, 2024, at the City of Rock,⁤ in Rio de Janeiro.

Get Your ‍Rock in Rio Card‍ Tickets on December 7th ⁤Exclusively from Ticketmaster Brazil

Ticket sales‍ for Rock in Rio will⁣ be exclusively online via Ticketmaster Brazil. The sale begins with the Rock in Rio Card, a‌ ticket without a pre-defined date that‍ guarantees your place at the ‌festival even before all the attractions are ⁢announced, on December 7th at​ 7 pm. Just like for Rock in Rio 2022 and The Town 2023, the ticket ​will be entirely digital.⁣ The organization encourages fans to ⁢register on‍ the Ticketmaster Brazil platform to facilitate the purchase of the Rock in Rio Card.

If you want to secure a spot at the ​City of ⁣Rock in ‍2024, you need to​ plan ahead. In the 2022 edition, when the world was emerging from a long period of pandemic and yearning for the return⁤ of live events, the Card sale ended in a record time ​of just 1h28,‍ when the 200,000 available tickets sold out. At the time, the sales platform had more than 1 million unique users simultaneously at more than one point,⁣ and by the end of the sale, the queue had over 800,000 unique users. ⁢This means that‍ if the festival had opened the official ticket sale on that date, there would have been enough ​audience ​to fill almost ‍3 entire editions ‍of Rock in Rio, considering that the average sales per person⁤ is 2 tickets.

Pre-Sale for Rock in Rio​ Club 2024

The pre-sale for Rock in Rio ⁣Club 2024, ‍a benefits club created for those who want ‌to‍ experience the festival ⁢like no other fan, enjoying incredible ‍and exclusive advantages, also has a date. From November 30th at 7 pm until December⁤ 6th at 7 pm, Club Fan and Club Rock Star members will have the opportunity to buy their tickets for the 40th-anniversary edition of Rock in Rio before the Rock in Rio Card sale. The sale will take place exclusively through the

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